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EcoTec MiniQ

The most economcal Pellet Boiler on the market

EcoTec MiniQ Boiler with the Bioline 20/25 Pellet Burner is a charging boiler used in systems with an accumulator or buffer tank.
Solar panles are typically connected to this tank where the lower section is heated by the sun. If solar panels are not used, the miniQ charges a larger buffer very efficiently. The smaller water volume inside the boiler heats up rapidly before being stored in the buffer ready to be used when the heating circuits are active.

Standard Features for the MiniQ Range are as follows:

  • Full Automatic Operation
The boiler will start and stop as needed. The burner is self-lighting.
  • Automatic pellet feeding from 4 ton Bulk Silo
The wood pellet fuel is transported by auger to a point above the boiler at which point it free falls through a drop tube into the very small chamber of the burner.It is then precision fed by internal auger to the cast iron burner in the boiler itself.(UNDERFEEDING PRINCIPLE)
Self Cleaning Burner ring
The combustion ash from the very efficient burner is evacuated automatically from the burning pot; this falls to the ash pit below and can be manually removed at cleaning-once a month.
  • Removable ash container
The ash (potash) is easily disposed of in the garden or compost. It is a natural fertilizer. Ash produced from 6 tons of pellets is 25kg.Ash only requires emptying several times yearly.
  • Easy to Service
The convection tubes and flue a very easily accesible for easy maintenance.

Download Boiler Technical Details (pdf)

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