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Wood Pellet Boilers

All our wood pellet boilers from Ecotec have either thermal stores incorporated within the boiler or they operate in tandem with a separate buffer tank usuallly installed with solar systems. In this way they are naturally buffered to prevent unwanted stops and starts that contribute to seasonal operational inefficiencies. (See How our systems work) They can have a larger buffer added if the house is older and very large with heat being required in large amounts over shorter periods. All our boilers are fitted with one of the most recognised Wood Pellet Burners and the market - Bioline range from 20 - 300kW.


For more details click on the boiler below that best suits your needs:

Standalone Boiler with
Internal Buffer
for Space Heat and
      Domestic Hot Water      

EcoTec MiniQ Boiler
Charging boiler for use
with external Buffer
integrated Wood Pellet
Solar Thermal Systems

Commercial Size Boilers from 100kW - 300kW

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