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Combined Solarheat & Biomass

Solar and biomass such as wood pellets, logs or oats work very well together as they can both use the same tank system that provides heat for space and domestic hot water.

Central Buffer to store all your Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water requirements connected to Solar and Biomass Systems


Our thermal tanks from Effecta acts as buffer for the wood pellet boiler to prevent unnecessary boiler cycling, to allow for solar gain at all times of the year that allows for some space heat from the sun.

The tank design allows for the water to be stratified in it - the water at the top is very hot and the colder at the bottom (rather than a tank full of luke warm water). When the sun is creating energy at the panels, the heat is delivered into the bottom of the store where it rises. When energy is taken from the tank for house needs, the sun’s heat replaces that and so on. If there is enough solar gain, the wood pellet, which is designed to keep the upper part of the tank hot, will not be required.

The amount of space heat depends obviously on the size of the panel array, the orientation and tilt of the panels and the total energy requirements of the house. As newer houses will be far more efficient, and cost of fuels increase, the potential for space heating increases dramatically. The space heating function is now supported by the EU although to date solar has been used mostly for domestic hot water only. Another benefit of these tanks is the domestic hot water is not stored; mains water is heated by serrated copper exchange coils in the tank that exchange the heat from the stored boiler water.

Systems are generally sized according to the need for domestic hot water.

  • How many are living in the house?
  • Is there a desire for a larger fraction of space heat from the collectors?

Generally for:

3 to 4 persons- 3 x 2.5 m³ panels with 500 l buffer

4 to 6 persons- 4 x 2.5 m³ panels with 750 l buffer


Commercial panels start at 12.5m³, and can be added together.

These sizes are based on flat collectors from Arcon. Evacuated tubes can also be specified if required. Panels can be flashed into the roof or surface mounted.

The boiler size will depend on the house needs. In general domestic applications we recommend using the EcoTec MiniQ Boiler, a “charging” wood pellet boiler to interface with this tank-usually 20kW or 25kW for the typical standalone houses.This is a smaller boiler that uses the same Bioline Burner- it does not require the larger thermal store as our boilers that operate without solar as the buffer acts as the thermal store. It is also less expensive.

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