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June 2013


Lower Oil Prices are here to stay.

As the Euro has weakened against the dollar,which is expected to continue going forward this year as the US economy begins to recover, the price of oil has dropped on world markets but the wholesale prices of oil and gas here have gone up substantially. A fill (1,000 litres) of oil approached €1,000 Euro in the winter of 2012/13. This equate sto approx 10c/kW hr. Pellets are 26c/kilo(bulk delivery) or 5.2c/ kW hr. 

While grants for Biomass in Ireland are gone for now, there are indeed true savings to be made and a smart business will make the move to pellets or chip where available and the quality is guaranteed.

Pellets are very widely available in Europe and can be transported easily by sea with low cost. 



Our integrated Solar and Wood Pellet systems are proving a great combination. 

We have several larger solar systems 25m2 which are heating central buffers.These are vertically charged with heat and provide both domestic and heating water. They do offer a long-term payback amd can be tied in to existing oil or gas furnaces.

We firmly believe in harnessing the sun's energy for more than just fulfilling most of the domestic hot water needs. Solar gain is sufficient in the Spring and Autumn to add to the heating needs of the house and is supported by the EU.

In Germany, which on the average gets less sun that Ireland, the average size of a domestic solar system in 2007 was 11.1 sq.m.! A recent study, in 2008, of installed solar heating systems in Sweden, Germany and Austria has shown that over 50% of new installations for residential systems include solar contributions to space heating requirements.

Pellet Fuel

Balcas, initially the sole provider of pellet fuel in Ireland has added a depot to aid in the fuel delivery logistics for the southern part of the country. This is now located in Mallow, Co. Cork.

There has been a noticable improvement in pellet quality in the Irish Market.

Balcas has instituted a routine standardised pellet quality test performed on their fuel every 3 weeks to ensure DN standards are met. Customers are happy.

Leinster Pellets are also now working to higher standards. Imported pellets are now making their way into this market and the quality is good!