Darionti Ltd. T/A WoodHeat
The Old Creamery - Connonagh - Leap - Co. Cork
Tel/Fax: +353 (0)28 34411


Should our website not contain the information you are looking for you are welcome to search our suppliers websites to find the information you need or you can contact us with details and we will search for it for you

Ecotec Varmeststem - Leaders in Wood Pellet Technology (Sweden)

Effecta - Manufacturers of Wood and Pellet Boilers and Buffer Tank (Sweden)

AMK-SOLAC - Manufacturers of Evacuated Tube Collectors (Switzerland)

Arcon Solvarme - Manufacturers of Flat Plate Solar Collector (Denmark)

Thermorossi - Manufacturers of Wood & Pellet Stoves and Boilers (Italy)

Silobau Steinecke GmbH - Maunfacturers of Wood Pellet Silos (Germany)

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